Underwater Lifestyle Photography

I am available for underwater lifestyle photography on yachts for professional or private photoshoots. 

An underwater portrait photoshoot is a great way to capture unique memories of the wonderful times spent on the boat. Pictures of the kids playing with the seabobs, photographs of the family in the water with the amazing yacht in the background, jetski shots from below or even dad on the jetski at the surface and mum with the seabob underwater! So many great ways to create beautiful works of art with your family memories! If you would like to book a lifestyle underwater photoshoot in the Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and Saint-Tropez area, let me know!

If you are a professional of the yachting industry you will find that adding some underwater or split photography to a lifestyle shoot is a great way to show off the toys on a boat. Showing off a seabob underwater with a jetski at the surface is an amazing way to catch the eye of a water enthusiastic potential charter client for example.

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Underwater Love

Love, love, love! And in the water! This underwater photographer is always thrilled to do an underwater photo session. For this photoshoot I took this beautiful couple to Nice’s Coco beach where the water is always clean and there are not too many tourists. It was the middle of the summer so everybody was happy to jump in the water straight away. 

No need to be a scuba diver to do an underwater shoot. If you are comfortable in the water, this might be the right photo shoot for you. The result is always magical and it makes for truly unique pictures!

I work all over the French Riviera. I can do underwater portrait shoots at the beach, in a pool or even out at sea if you have access to a boat. I have work on many yachts and have done quite a few underwater lifestyle photo shoots in the Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes area for professionals of the yachting industry and love to have my head under the surface to see what is worth capturing!

Whether you are a keen snorkeler, a seasoned scuba diver or just a happy swimmer, you’ll love this kind of shoot! 

Fun in Antibes

Antibes is great!

I’m always really pleased when I get a request for a photoshoot in Antibes as it is a great location. The beaches are easy access and sandy, the city is beautiful and there are plenty of great backdrops for photographs. So when I got a commission to photograph a group of university friends from Finland in Antibes, I was really happy!

This group of friends was on holiday on the French Riviera and wanted pictures to commemorate the vacations. They were all nicely dressed up and very happy to do all of my silly poses as they were looking for pictures that would show how close they were. The silly posing is just a great way to make everybody comfortable and laughing during the photo shoot.

We took a few shots on the beach then wandered around the Antibes old town to get some nice settings. We all had a great time!

Antibes is a great location for groups of adults like this one but also any type of family. The beaches are great for small children as they are shallow water and sand so kids can play in the water for fun splashing around or even underwater shots or they can play in the sand for some more quiet type pictures.

If you would like to book a photo shoot in Antibes, let me know!

Antibes est un super endroit pour une séance photo!

Je suis toujours heureuse quand on me demande de faire une séance photo à Antibes. Cette ville est un magnifique fond pour les portraits, les plages sont faciles d’accès et sont de sable et le décor y est vraiment joli. Quand un groupe d’étudiant Finnois m’a demandé de le photographier à Antibes j’étais aux anges!

Ce groupe d’amis était en vacance sur la Côte d’Azur et voulait commémorer leur séjour par une séance photo. Ils étaient très bien habillés et se sont prêtés au jeu de la pose rigolote, un moyen de mettre tout le monde à l’aise! Nous avons prit quelques photos sur la plages puis nous nous sommes baladés dans la vieille ville pour les jolies briques et batiments.

Antibes est un très bon choix pour les séances photos de groupes d’adultes mais aussi pour tous type de familles. L’eau de la mer y est peu profonde ce qui rend les choses faciles pour faire des photos des petits qui jouent dans l’eau ou dans le sable.

N’hésitez pas à me faire savoir si vous voulez faire un shooting photo à Antibes!

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